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Skepticism with Infinity DownlineInfinity Downline can be an incredibly lucrative program, IF you don’t allow your skepticism to paralyze you.

As with ANY worthwhile venture (traditional, non-traditional, online, or off), there are risks. Many will succeed…many will fail. There will be those who take responsibility for their future and in return make a profit (and possibly even earn hundreds of thousands of dollars); and then there will always be those that place blame on a company, or others for their inability to do the same, and therefore will fail to see a profit.

Now, don’t get me wrong… when I first started marketing online, I too was skeptical – not of a particular business , but as to whether or not I would be able to generate an income online.

To put it simply – I didn’t have the “belief” yet. Having belief that “you can do it” or “it is possible” in ANY entrepreneurial venture is vital to your success. Without belief in yourself, belief in the company, and belief in the product, you WILL fail. Your first step is to overcome this challenge.

skepticism-with-Infintiy-DownlineYou see, I knew that others were making money on the Internet – that goes without question.

I knew that others were making money in just about every program that I came across – that also went without question.

And after doing my research, I found that there will always be those that call just about anything involving money online a scam. Haha – not to say that there aren’t scams online, but I did find it hilarious to hear the ignorance in some of these crazy stories. The way I see it – If there is a legitimate product that provides value to the customer, and others make a profit selling it – it’s not a scam.

When someone tells me they are skeptical, what they are really telling me is 1 of 2 things:

  • That they haven’t done their research and therefore don’t completely understand the product, or program. If they had done their research, they would know that Infinity Downline is without a doubt a 100% completely legitimate business with tens of thousands of affiliates who sell a product valued at 1/100th the cost that it sells for, and that many, including myself are earning more than a full time income with it.
  • I have failed as a marketer. If someone has done their research by going thru my site, and they have viewed the product and they understand the comp plan and see that hundreds of thousands of dollars are being generated in 100% commissions, they have seen the hundreds of hours that I spent on creating additional training, resources, bonuses, and systems for my team, and they have seen what my team has to say about what we are doing together and heard their testimonials. If they have gone thru all of this and still they are skeptical – then I have failed as a marketer. 😉

Luckily there is a simple and easy cure for skepticism – Education.

Being skeptical is healthy when you don’t allow it to paralyze you.

Everyone should be skeptical when trying something new or purchasing something that you are unfamiliar with. But rather than letting this skepticism paralyze you, use it to educate you.

Wouldn’t it just be a shame if you allowed your skepticism to prevent you from:

  • …living the life you have always dreamed of?
  • …finally being financially free?
  • …finally having the time freedom to travel the world and be with family and friends?
  • …buying that new car or house?

Once you have educated yourself on Infinity Downline and your skepticism has finally been relieved because all of your questions concerning the program have been answered, it really just comes down to a few additional questions to get moving.

  • Can you afford to do it? When asking myself this question in the beginning, it was more like – “Can I afford NOT to do it”? With only a $25 start up investment and 100% returns, I literally couldn’t think of any other opportunity on the planet with a better ROI. Let’s just say this – If you don’t have $25 to start your own business – you probably shouldn’t be looking to go into business for yourself anyway. : )
  • Is this something that you want to invest your time into? This is a GREAT question… one that I always ask myself when getting started in Anything. My time is my most valuable asset. It is 1 thing that I will NEVER get back and believe me… I cherish it. For a program to be worthwhile for me to invest my time into, it better have HUGE returns. And obviously, I can say without a doubt, that Infinity Downline has been well worth the time that I have invested.
  • Do you feel that by marketing this product / program you will be providing value to others? Another great question. I have been online for some time now. I know that without a doubt, Infinity Downline’s products and training coupled with what I have in place for my team is literally valued in the tens of thousands of dollars. You see, we train you in how to properly market Infinity Downline to earn a limitless income – priceless. It’s an education anyone could truly see incredible value in.

Taking Action

In the end, If I allowed my skepticism to paralyze me from taking action, I wouldn’t have earned over $184,000 my FIRST year with Infinity Downline. I wouldn’t have just purchased a brand new home a mile from the ocean, and I wouldn’t have just returned from the European vacation of my dreams.

Infinity Downline Commissions

What will your skepticism do for you? Prevent you from your future, or Propel you into it?

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To Your limitless Potential,

The Benefits of Working with Jon Mroz and Infinity downline directly

Infinity Downline

Jon Mroz

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PS – Leave your comments below and let us know – Did this article help you get over your Infinity Downline skepticism?

infinity-downline-can-you-really-make-money-onlineInfinity Downline

How long will it REALLY take for me to start making money?

This is a question that I get asked all too often when someone is about to join Infinity Downline. And while I know the person asking the question has good intentions, unfortunately it is impossible for anyone to truthfully answer this question.

Why, you ask?

Simple – because it REALLY comes down to your own efforts.

Sure, I can give you all the Infinity Downline bonuses, training, capture pages, systems, and step by step video tutorials showing you exactly how I have generated multiple 6 figures with Infinity Downline so that you can follow these steps as well, but too be up-front, and brutally honest – I don’t know your work ethic. You see, you could start taking action immediately, and make thousands your first week, or you could do nothing at all. And THIS is why it all comes down to your own efforts.

I remember when I first got started in this industry. I was working a dead end J.O.B. (Just Over Broke), and was really… just looking for a way out. I remember getting on the phone with my soon to be sponsor and he asked the question – “How much money would you need to earn with Infinity Downline to break away from that J.O.B.?”

“$5,000 monthly”, I answered.

He then asked, “…and what will you be willing to do to get yourself there?”

belief-infinity-downlineTo me, that was an extremely important question. You see, when I was first introduced to this industry, I didn’t quite have the belief yet. I saw it as something that I might be able to do part time just to pay some bills and achieve some more time freedom. I really didn’t think of it as something that I may be doing for the rest of my life… because to be honest, I wasn’t educated in what was involved with it yet. So, thinking about the tasks that I would have to complete to reach a $5,000 monthly income seemed somewhat challenging because I had no clue as to what it entailed.

Taking Action With Infinity Downline

Either way, I have always been one to take action rather than sitting on the side lines. So, I jumped in head first and you guessed it … I struggled my butt off. I had no clue what I was doing. I had no guidance, no applicable training to follow and really just didn’t know which way to turn. However, I would NEVER give up.  It just wasn’t in my nature.

Instead, I set realistic expectations.

Let’s look at Infinity Downline for example. Rather than expecting I would make $5,000 my first month, I set a goal to recruit 10 people. 10 people! Yes, that is all – 10 people. Well, that only equals $250 a month, you say. And Yes, you are correct. But not only did I set a goal to recruit 10 people into Infinity Downline, I set action steps in place. I said, for example – that I would create 1 video a day, or create 1 facebook note a day, or write 1 article a day etc. And every single day, I created a piece of content. On top of that, I continued my education buying up every course I could get my hands on, and applied those courses into my business… and guess what – that first month, I enrolled 14 people. 14 people really is not all that much if you think about the numbers – $350 that first month.

However, the next month, I enrolled 39, and the next 62 and so on.

Before long, I was making so much money online that it was costing me money to go to work. It got to the point where I had to make a decision. Would I continue with my J.O.B., or would I expand into my own business online and create an empire of my own? I think you know the answer to that one.

My point is, your first months doing ANYTHING can be rough. It goes the same for starting a new J.O.B., learning a new skill, or even joining Infinity Downline. There will be a learning curve. The big difference here, is that you are building something that you can call your own, and unlike a J.O.B., there is no cap on your income potential as you can see here.

Add to that the fact that you can learn from someone who has already been thru that curve, who has the training, systems, capture pages, and marketing funnels in place enabling you to minimize your learning curve and get right into action, well… you have a winner. Now, it just comes down to setting realistic goals and expectations, and then following thru on your daily action steps to ensure you reach those goals.

So Let Me Ask You…

Are you up for the challenge?
Are you ready to make a change?
Are you one to make things happen instead of sitting on the side lines?

Only YOU know what you are capable of, but I sure know that when I made that decision, I can look back on it as the smartest decision I ever made.

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To Your limitless Potential,

The Benefits of Working with Jon Mroz and Infinity downline directly

Infinity Downline

Jon Mroz

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I hope the above article answered all of your questions in regards to what it really takes to succeed NOT ONLY with Infinity Downline, but anything that you may consider joining. Leave your comments about Infinity Downline below.

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MLSP (also known as My Lead System Pro), or Infinity Downline…

I often get asked the question as to which opportunity is better to join.

mlsp commissionsUnfortunately, people often get MLSP confused as a primary company, MLM or income opportunity.

Although you can earn commissions with MLSP (My Lead System Pro), it is more so considered as a training platform and funded proposal system, where Infinity Downline can be considered as a primary network marketing company or main affiliate income stream.

Let’s compare Infinity Downline and MLSP and get the facts.

Infinity Downline

When someone joins Infinity Downline, they are purchasing a subscription to a product that they can resell for 100% of the commissions. The product that they are purchasing is packaged as online educational training videos, and audios. I often compare these products to the late night infomercials you may have seen by “The Video Professor”. The Video Professor sells courses on “How To” ebay, photoshop etc. You are essentially buying a training course on how to properly use Photoshop or Microsoft office for example. The Video Professor often has you try out the course for 14 days, and if you like it… you keep it and pay $77 or so.

infinity downline info productsWith Infinity Downline, you receive endless hours of similar products but valued in the tens of thousands of dollars, plus educational videos and audios that teach you the basics of marketing your business online so that you can let others know about this incredible opportunity. Infinity Downline not only gives you the products, but they also show you how to resell the products so that you keep all the commissions. Pretty powerful if you ask me.

Just think about it – you pay a subscription of only $25 to access tens of thousands of dollars worth of educational training videos and audios. Sell just 1 of these subscriptions to someone else, and your products are now free for life (or as long as the person who purchased thru you stays active). You see, just as you are paying your sponsor $25 to access the product, the subscriber who purchased thru you is paying you $25 as well. Get 3 people to purchase from you and you have doubled your profit. Your 2 nd and 4th person are passed up. For more information on the compensation plan visit the Infinity Downline Comp Plan page.

Now, imagine having thousands of people purchase from you like I have. It really starts to add up quickly.

What we’re looking for here is hands off, passive residual income. This is how the big companies like AT&T, Comcast, or any other subscription based business makes their millions. And in my first couple years with Infinity Downline, it’s how I have developed a massive 6 figure residual income as well (see proof here).

MLSP (My Lead System Pro)

my-lead-system-proMuch like Infinity Downline, you can also earn commissions from MLSP. The difference here is that the commissions are considerably less in comparison, around 33% rather than 100%. For every $47 MLSP products that you sell, you keep around $17 of that monthly. Sure, you can start to earn more as you grow and enroll more people into the company, but the primary focus of MLSP is not the commissions, it is the system, and the elite training.

Let’s start with the MLSP Training

My Lead System Pro, much like Infinity has excellent training. However, Infinity Downline caters more so to people that are just getting started using a computer with mindset training on how to get in the right frame of mind to run your own business. MLSP is primarily for those that are ready to take their businesses to the next level.

A good example of this is my own progression into the online world. When I first joined an affiliate program like Infinity Downline, I had a lot to learn. As I progressed within my business and mlsp-membershipexpanded, I wanted to become of more value to myself and others. It was because of this decision alone that I was able to recruit over 5,462 people into my primary businesses and expand into a multiple 6 figure yearly income. It was decisions like joining MLSP that helped me grow my Infinity Downline business.

The training, mentorship, support and step-by-step tutorials in place for you as a member of MLSP are 2nd to none. You have the world’s top producers and marketers all in one place teaching you everything they know about building businesses on the Internet.

The MLSP System

My Lead System Pro also comes with a complete funded proposal system.

What is a funded proposal system, you ask?

Great question. A funded proposal system is a series of follow up messages that are delivered to your prospects that ensure you stay in profit, even when people say “NO” to your primary program such as Infinity Downline (or anything else that you may be marketing).

MLSP comes loaded with tons of capture pages, and landing pages that guide your leads thru a carefully crafted system teaching them valuable marketing while you continue to pick up commissions.

Many people in this industry often join high-ticket programs that can cost $500, $1,000 or even $10,000.

If you don’t start your prospects at a low ticket program like Infinity Downline, or MLSP, I can promise you, you are leaving thousands of dollars on the table. Not everyone will join your high ticket program. However, they WILL purchase invaluable training from you at a introductory price of only $9.97 to help them learn more about marketing to market their own business. Make sense?

My Thoughts on MLSP Vs. Infinity Downline

mlsp-infinity-knowledge-is-powerInfinity Downline is an amazing opportunity but if you plan to make money with it rather than just use the product, you better know how to market it. It is for this reason that I created step by step training, systems, capture pages, landing pages, video tutorials and an amazing support community, available to my team – 100% free, to ensure your success when you apply it.

See this exclusive Infinity Downline training here.

However, I am just 1 person, and although I show you step by step how I have been able to generate multiple 6 figures online with Infinity Downline, many will decide to expand their businesses even further. With MLSP, you have the capability to do this. You can not only learn from me, but you can also soak up all the knowledge from other multiple 6 and 7 figure earners online as well. We all market differently. With MLSP, you can see what fits your style best and go after that.

There is literally no limit to what you can accomplish when you set your mind to something and let nothing stand in your way to accomplish your goals.

To learn how I personally use MLSP in my business visit my MLSP System Bonus Review

Or, if you’re tired of wimpy commissions, and you’re just ready to start earning 100%, Join Infinity Downline here, and I’ll immediately send over the additional Infinity Downline training and bonuses available exclusively to my team.

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To Your Limitless Potential,

The Benefits of Working with Jon Mroz and Infinity downline directly

Infinity Downline

Jon Mroz

MLSP My Lead System Pro       Infinity Downline Join

I hope the above article answered all of your questions in regards to the differences between MLSP and Infinity Downline – Simply click the button above to get plugged into our exclusive team training and bonuses detailing the exact action steps you can take to see massive results with MLSP and Infinity Downline.

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Are There Any Additional Expenses To Get Started With Infinity Downline?

What Are The real Costs Involved With Infinity Downline?

infinity-downline-additional-costsAll too often I hear horror stories of how people were mislead into joining a program that required no additional fees, only to find out that they’ve been back-ended into another ‘deal’ or additional expense once they’re on the inside. Personally, I don’t agree with doing business this way. I feel that it is important to be upfront and honest with your new partners / teammates as this will get your newfound business relationship started on the right foot.

What Infinity Downline REALLY Costs…

So, let’s look at what it really costs to get started with Infinity Downline, or any business online for that matter.

As a business owner or Entrepreneur it should be your goal to try and minimize your costs and expenses. If you were to compare the costs of Infinity Downline to ANY other business, you would soon find that having your own 100% commission based business has some major perks.

Let’s say for example that you were to open a traditional store – one where you needed to purchase products and resell them at a higher rate to achieve a profit. That could be any type of store for example:

  • A Restaurantinfinity-downline-store
  • A Gas Station
  • A Convenient Store
  • A Clothing Store
  • An Electronics Store

… You get the point.

Every store that I mentioned above not only requires that you purchase products to resell at a higher rate, but it also requires Employees, Rent, Mortgage, Overhead, and not to mention probably close to a hundred thousand dollars just to get the doors open.

As you can tell – owning a traditional business can be extremely costly, hence the extremely high failure rate.

Working with an online business like Infinity Downline

Now, that’s not to say that owning your own Internet Business doesn’t have expenses, but I can guarantee you that the start-up is much much lower.

I personally always recommend a few things to anyone who wants to go into business for themselves online. It doesn’t matter if you own a shoe store or a business like Infinity Downline. If you plan to market your business online you’re going to need a web site, a way to automate the process of keeping track of your customers, and a way to accept money.

To do this you’ll need:

  • A Domain Nameinfinity-downline-extra-expenses
  • Hosting
  • An Autoresponder
  • A Merchant Account.

Let’s understand why I recommend the above mentioned and how with my team in Infinity Downline you can avoid most (if not all) of these additional expenses.

To get a website online for Infinity Downline, you need a domain name and a hosting account. A domain name can range anywhere from $2 to $13 per year and hosting is about $6 a month – not too bad right?

An Autoresponder will keep track of your customers and also send automated messages to them to help persuade them from purchasing from you. An autoresponder costs $1 for your first month and $17 each additional month thereafter. I personally have created a great autoresponder follow up series that my team has complete access to for free. I have literally done all the hard work in writing all your Infinity Downline follow up messages. You simply copy and paste a code that I give to you into your autoresponder and poof – you just saved a month’s worth of work.

And lastly, you’ll need a merchant account. Because Infinity Downline doesn’t earn a profit, you need to accept 100% commissions directly into your bank. There’s no waiting around for the company to pay you. You can decide to use your own professional merchant for this or you can simply use a merchant like paypal. Either one is fine however, I suggest using a professional merchant when you start to bring in the big bucks. I have instructions on how to do this in my Infinity Downline Team Training and this usually costs around $15 a month.

Now, if you add all of this up, you’re looking at a total of around $45.00 To start up your own 100% commission based business. Is that not crazy or what!!!?

Especially when you take in the fact that personally earned over $184,000.00 my first couple years with Infinity Downline, and it cost me less than a night out with friends to our local pizza shop. Compare that to opening up a traditional business in the hundreds of thousands of dollars with only a fraction of chance that you will succeed.

Infinity Downline Income Potential

How To Eliminate Your Start Up Costs With Infinity Downline

I understand that getting started in this industry can be a tough decision – especially if you are struggling to make ends meet. Believe me, I was there.

When I got started with Infinity Downline in August of 2009 I was several thousand dollars in debt and really didn’t have a penny to spare. And although I risked it, spent my last dime, and told myself that there was no possibility of failure, I don’t ever want to have to put someone else in the same predicament that I was in back then.

It is for that reason that I created the Infinity Downline Mentors Team, Including all the training, bonuses, systems and websites you could ask for, including the Infinity Cash Formula.

What is Infinity Cash Formula you ask?

Infinity Cash Formula is our way of giving you everything you need to get started with no additional expenses.

Infinity Cash Formula

Because we have already built the website and coded it to you, you no longer need to buy a domain name or hosting. You simply fill out a form and bam – you have your own personal website coded to you so that when you show others, you get the commission – 100% of it.

As for an autoresponder, you can choose to start without one. However, I do recommend that once you start generating some traffic by going thru my training, that you get an autoresponder as soon as possible. Personally, about 80% of my sales come from my autoresponder – it IS your business, and it is essential that you start to build your own list.

And finally, as long as you use a free merchant like paypal, you don’t have a merchant expense either.

So, Is Infinity Downline Right For You?

If I had the ability to pick up the tens of thousands of dollars worth of education and training that you have at your fingertips right now, for a measly $25 when I was getting started – You can bet I would jump at it, and more than likely pay ten times that price without question.


Infinity-downline-educationYou see, over the years I have spent over $20,000.00 to learn the things that I now teach my team. It is because I decided to educate myself in this industry that I have become a success, and gone on to earning multiple 6 figures yearly online.

You now have the ability to pick up this training, and education that costs me tens of thousands of dollars, and use the same systems, literally everything that I personally use to run a successful business, for less than the cost of pizza with friends.

Everything is in place for you this very moment to get you moving in the right direction. Now it comes down to you. Are you ready to take action towards changing your life?

In Mastery,

The Benefits of Working with Jon Mroz and Infinity downline directly

Infinity Downline

Jon Mroz

Infinity Downline Join


I hope the above article answered all of your questions in regards to the costs of Infinity Downline – Simply click the button above to get plugged into our exclusive team training and bonuses detailing the exact action steps you can take to see massive results with Infinity Downline.

Empower Network With Infinity Downline?

Empower NetworkWhat is Empower Network, and Can It Be Used to Help Market Your Infinity Downline Business?

After seeing first-hand the struggles that people face online for years, I realized that systems and technology (although very powerful), can be a nightmare for some.

It was then that I started to create capture page systems, pages, reports, sales presentations and training that would help our teammates progress with their Infinity Downline business. With effort, many teammates have gone on to master these tools and build solid incomes. However, having your own personal web presence online can be the difference between earning those “average” commissions, and earning multiple 5 figures monthly.

You see, it wasn’t until I was able to get a personal website online (much like the one that you are reading this on now) that I was able to get my ‘personal’ message out to the masses. Having that personal touch, that enables you to connect with your prospect is an invaluable tool.

There are several ways that you can go about doing this. You can:

  • Build a blog or website (like this one)Empower Network Review
  • Create Videos
  • Create Articles
  • Create Facebook fan pages, and market on social networks
  • And many other ways

The problem comes in when you add the technical challenges and the hefty learning curve that comes along with them. Sure, I have training that teaches you how to do all of these things within our personal Infinity Downline team training site, and systems that do away with a lot of these issues. However, with advances in technology, there is now a much simpler solution.

Empower Network

Empower Network is an ‘Authority’ viral blogging platform that removes all the technical challenges people pace when trying to market their Infinity Downline business (or any business for that matter) online. As a member of Empower Network, you are instantly set up with a website, or blog the moment you join. No need to know about hosting, domains, autoresponders, capture pages, or anything technical for that matter.

It is literally the solution for many struggling marketers, as I have seen peoples businesses change almost overnight using the Empower Network marketing system.

Add to that, the ability to earn 100% commissions, and you can get your Empower Network system FREE, by just letting 1 other person know about it.

After testing the Empower Network and implementing it into my business, I can easily say that it will be a vital tool to my marketing arsenal, and I would recommend it to anyone who takes their Infinity Downline business seriously.

In Mastery,


Jon Mroz

Empower Network

Funny story, you’ll learn the insider secret as to how the Empower Network compensation plan was conceived and how it relates to Inifnity Downline by following the links below.

To learn more about the Empower Network and to see if it is a right fit for your Infinity Downline business, get a complete Empower Network Review by visiting Empower Network.

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Infinity Downline Review

infinitydownlineThis morning, I received an e-mail containing a story of a junior executive who wanted a raise. The story narrated on how this young fellow decided to voice out his desire to the boss one morning that he should be given a raise, since three companies were after him. When asked what companies they were, the junior executive thought for a moment and finally responded with three company names: Electric Company, Telephone Company and Telecom Company.

The story made me laugh, but to some degree the junior executive’s request is no different from any employee or business owner’s desire. Who doesn’t want an increase in income anyway? When was the last time you made an effort to raise your Infinity Downline income? I’ve been working with Infinity Downline since August 2009 and have experienced first hand the potential it has to help people achieve financial freedom. Here are some of the opportunities the Infinity Downline opportunity offers:

  • Opportunity to start a home-based business with minimal fee required
  • Can boost the revenues of internet marketers with an added income stream
  • Offers a detailed guide on how to promote Infinity Downline business successfully
  • Serves as medium for entrepreneurs to expand into other online marketing areas
  • Requires no keyword research for selling and promotion since the niche is already set for this business
  • Offers great chance of earning a good amount of residual income. Several have reached six-figure annual incomes.
  • Higher chance of succeeding as the compensation plan is based on a system of duplication where the team benefits the efforts of one member alone
  • Has a reported good service of customer support
  • Requires no additional fees
  • Great profits are gained with just the first sale
  • Comes with overview calls that details the system to prospect

Among the items listed, the last one can be considered an Infinity Downline Bonus since you no longer need to do the ‘explaining’ process for the leads. For further details on what Infinity Downline has to offer you, visit their official web site today at

Ready to Boost Up your Income With Infinity Downline?

infinity-downlineAt $25, you can start earning more with Infinity Downline. Yes, that’s just $25 ticket to financial freedom. Technology makes it even easier for people to make money with this home-based business. Internet based marketing makes the old school methods of chasing family and friends obsolete.  Marketing online means that you can literally advertise your Infinity Downline business to the entire world wide web.  You can build an international downline without ever leaving your home.

Many marketers are apprehensive when first marketing online.  With so many other marketers out there, it’s a common for people to worry how they will stand apart.  “Why would someone join my Infinity Downline business instead of so-and-so’s?”  What many don’t realize in this industry, is that when someone joins your opportunity, they are actually joining YOU.  Whether you’re marketing Infinity Downline, or any other online opportunity, it’s imperative to “brand yourself”.  It doesn’t happen overnight, but over time you want to strive for the 4 C’s:

C – haracter

C – ompetence

C – onsistency

C – oaching

Developing the first three traits takes time, but it is worth it in the long run. When it comes to coaching, resources can be found almost anywhere online. With so much information out there,however, it’s extremely easy to get overwhelmed when you are first getting started. This is why I provide my team with my exclusive Infinity Downline Training and Bonus package.  If you’d like to learn more about how to gain financial independence with Infinity Downline, check out my official Infinity Downline Review.

The Benefits of Working with Jon Mroz and Infinity downline directly

Infinity Downline

Jon Mroz

Infinity Downline Join

Leave your thoughts in the comment section below and let me know if this article on “Infinity Downline Complaints” helped answer your question.


Infinity Downline Complaints?

Infinity Downline complaintsWhen someone is researching a company a few questions usually come to mind as they are doing their research. Some of these questions include but are not limited to:

  • Product – Does the company have what people want, and need?
  • Advertising – Is this a company that can be promoted online Or OFFLINE, easily, and without heavy competition?
  • Stability – Is this just another “here today, gone tomorrow” opportunity?
  • Retention – can your teammates profit and gain advantages from their upline or downline and what will the effects be if they drop out?
  • Complaints – Does the company have a good reputation and do they follow thru with what they say they’re going to do.

I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at what I found in my Infinity Downline Review.

The tabs at the top of this page discuss product, advertising, stability, and retention. You’ll find all the info you need on those topics there, but you more than likely reached this post because you wanted to know about the company’s reputation and whether or Infinity Downline receives a lot of complaints… correct? So, let’s get into it.

Why Would Someone File a Complaint With Infinity Downline?

Infinity Downline StaffAs for getting your checks on time, the company not following thru on their behalf, or you not receiving any help with your business… I must say that these topics are not even up for discussion. I have been a member of Infinity Downline since August of 2009 and not once have I, or anyone on my team (and I have a very large team) ever needed to file a complaint for these reasons. You see, this is YOUR business and when people join you, you are instantly paid thru your payment processor. No money ever goes thru the company. Infinity Downline also has weekly training webinars every Wednesday to help you with your business, and they have a great support staff that is always willing to help thru their support suite.

So, what other reason would there be to file a complaint with Infinity Downline?

Infinity Downline is pretty straight forward in the sense that you have an opportunity to join a program for $25. However, when joining Infinity Downline, many people do not think about how they will market their Infinity Downline business until it’s too late. They jump in head first with the full intention of telling all their friends and family, and when not all of them join, they’re the first to file a complaint, and say that it’s not working for them. Here’s the thing… I’ve been around the industry a little while and I have come to an understanding that not everyone has an entrepreneurial mindset. To be blunt, many people are best suited for a (I always cringe when I say the word) J.O.B. (Just Over Broke : )

All too often, this leads to complaints with Infinity Downline… and for that matter – any home business.

The Simple Solution To Never Needing to File a Complaint with Infinity Downline:

Work The Business.

starting-an-Infinity Downline-home-businessYup, it really just comes down to taking action and applying proven Infinity Downline Training and Systems that are provided to you from your team leaders. You see, there are an endless # of people (especially in today’s economy) that are looking to start their own home business, and want to join a low cost opportunity. When you learn how to tap into THIS GROUP of people rather than the “Friends and Family” that more than likely don’t have that “entrepreneurial mindset” we were discussing, your potential is virtually limitless. It’s for this reason that I highly recommend that you do your research and team up with an active affiliate that knows what they are doing, and can teach you these skills with proven training. And once you master these skills, and learn to grow a limitless income with Infinity Downline (like I have), you’ll never have a reason for Infinity Downline Complaints.

If you are a serious “Entrepreneur” and would like to learn more about Infinity Downline, give me a ring or shoot me an email and I’ll be happy to go over your questions and make sure Infinity Downline, and our team is a right fit for you.

Yours In Mastery,

The Benefits of Working with Jon Mroz and Infinity downline directly

Infinity Downline

Jon Mroz

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What You May Have Missed (I sure did)

infinity downline no hypeBefore I get started, let me say that I am not one for income claims and telling others that they can make a fortune online. The fact is… I don’t know your work ethic. And when it comes to earning money ANYWHERE… it comes down to YOU setting goals, and actually taking action to reach those goals. Only then will you see the fruits of your labor.

Infinity Downline Action Plan

With that being said, having an Infinity Downline action plan, or step by step blue print from those that have already reached their goals and continue to set new ones for massive growth in their businesses can be an essential ingredient to your success.

Infinity Downline Potential

infinity downline no limitYou see, with Infinity Downline, there is no top or bottom. You have the potential to earn an infinite amount more than your sponsor, or you can do nothing at all and therefore earn nothing. It really all comes down to your efforts and how you apply the proven Infinity Downline team training that I have in place for you. And when applied by Taking Action in Your business, there is literally No Limit to what you can accomplish.

Now the real question …

Can You Really Earn A Full Time Income With Infinity Downline (a simple No-Risk $25 Program)?

I hear it all the time and it’s actually quite funny. When I first started with Infinity Downline I thought to myself – what can $25 REALLY add up to? I mean – it’s $25! To be honest, I didn’t take Infinity Downline seriously my first month as I was just using it as a feeder program into a higher ticket item. But after putting in a little marketing effort I came to the realization that this little $25 program has some serious potential (Infinity Downline comp plan here). After making a simple video explaining the program and spreading the word, I was able to sign up 7 people my first day in business. OK, I thought… Not too bad. Let’s see if we can go a little further.

By my second month I had 92 people sponsored and my team started to skyrocket. Since then, I have personally sponsored several thousand reps and our team has grown into the multiple 5 figure mark.

A Shot From My Infinity Downline Back Office

…And this little measly $25 program has turned into $184,676.25 (See Below):

(And By The Time You Read This Post, These Numbers Could Have Potentially Doubled)


Infinity Downline Income Potential

Again, I don’t post these income shots to brag or make ridiculous claims. They are here to merely Open Your Eyes to the potential that you have with Infinity Downline… and this industry in general.
So, do you think that this $25 program has some potential for you? And, are you willing to take action to make a change and see similar, if not better results?

Only you can answer that question.

In Mastery,

The Benefits of Working with Jon Mroz and Infinity downline directly

Infinity Downline

Jon Mroz

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PS – Leave Your Comments and Questions Below and let us know your thoughts on the Infinity Downline business.

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A Complete Capture Page (squeeze page) System To Help You In Your Marketing Efforts

Until recently, creating and building capture pages was a frustrating task. To help our teammates get thru the process quickly, I created capture pages that were replicated literally enabling you to have a squeeze page online within minutes.

One big problem …

Infinity-downline-capture-pageThe team capture pages couldn’t be 100% customized with your own text, videos, or content. Now, don’t get me wrong, I have step-by-step video tutorials detailing exactly how to get your own customized capture pages online within my team training, but if you’re brand new and not the tech-savvy type like I was when first getting my start, this could be a frustrating task. So, to help the team, I created the replicated type of page… but, the downfall was customization. These pages were great and showed your prospects what they would be getting when they joined you on our team, however… many teammates wanted to add their own customizations to the pages. Unfortunately… that couldn’t be done.

That is, Until NOW!

The Ultimate Infinity Downline Capture Page System:

Click the expand option to watch full screen (lower right)

The Infinity Downline Team Capture Page Machine literally enables you to get your Customized capture page online within minutes, enabling you to Brand yourself and get your personalized offer out to your prospects. So, whether your promoting Infinity Downline, or you want to get your message out to local businesses about what you bring to the table… now you can.

You see, everyone needs to have their own USP (Unique Selling Proposition) and with replicated capture pages, you’ll have a hard time getting your personalized message across. Sure those type of pages are great when you’re first getting started but we, on this team, want you to be able to expand your business to the Next Level, and we want to make sure you have the tools to get it done quickly.

Thousands of dollars… Literally, thousands of dollars went into the creation of this Infinity Downline capture page machine and you’ll gain instant access to it the moment you get started… 100% FREE.

  • Simply Fill out the Infinity Downline capture page form as seen in the video above
  • Generate The Files
  • Upload the files to your host. (directions in the training)

Don’t have a hosting account? No problem, use our teams replicated capture pages until your ready to expand.

Yours In Mastery,

The Benefits of Working with Jon Mroz and Infinity downline directly

Infinity Downline

Jon Mroz

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What are your thoughts? Leave your comments and questions below regarding the new Team Infinity Downline Capture Page Machine:


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What is The Best Way To Market Your Infinity Downline Business?

Infinity Downline MarketingWhen it comes to marketing your Infinity Downline business, the possibilities are virtually limitless.

Many teammates market their business offline using resources such as postcards, flyers, business cards, magnets (for their cars or to pass out and put on people’s fridges). Some move into voice / phone broadcasting, and Some even hold weekly meetings at local restaurants, hotels, or houses with great successes. For many though, including myself – this style of marketing, although it can be effective, is NOT my first choice (more on this later) .

Online Marketing is a newer style of advertising that many people, until recently have not taken advantage of. Where offline marketing can be effective, it usually comes with a cost. Marketing your Infinity Downline business using resources like facebook, blogs, articles, videos, and SEO can be completely free… and who doesn’t like free? Infinity Downline facebook

When you decide to expand your business, you can move into paid traffic generation methods such as PPC on facebook, yahoo and bing, and also media buys. What’s even better is that 98% of my income comes from free online traffic generation methods. PPC, and Media Buys are great and can bring you quick sales, but really getting out there and consistently creating some good ol’ fashion content is sure to bring you Free heavy traffic and sales.

So what traffic generation method is best suited for you, and how are YOU going to advertise your Infinity Downline Business?

This is a question that YOU must answer. YOU must choose which method is best for you. When I first got my start, I quickly realized that offline marketing was Not for me. Noting against it, it just wasn’t my style of marketing. I wanted to leverage my time and efforts using the power of the internet reaching literally thousands of people per day that are actually interested in what I am marketing rather than having to explain my business offline to friends and family that are potentially not interested.

If Internet Marketing sounds appealing to you, I have extensive training, resources, tools, and step-by-step video tutorials valued at nearly $20K available for my team to learn from and apply. I touch on almost all genres of Internet Marketing but it will be up to you to choose which one you would like to get started with. My suggestion though – whatever you choose, learn from my training and stick with a single marketing strategy for 6 weeks and master it. Once you’ve got it down and your bringing in sales, move on to the next.. and rock that one too!

To Your Unstoppable Success,

The Benefits of Working with Jon Mroz and Infinity downline directly

Infinity Downline

Jon Mroz 904.707.0474 Infinity Downline Join

To Learn more about the Infinity Downline Extreme team and what they can do for your Infinity business, be sure to check out the Infinity Downline Team Benefits and Bonuses page.

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