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Infinity Downline Complaints?

Infinity Downline complaintsWhen someone is researching a company a few questions usually come to mind as they are doing their research. Some of these questions include but are not limited to:

  • Product – Does the company have what people want, and need?
  • Advertising – Is this a company that can be promoted online Or OFFLINE, easily, and without heavy competition?
  • Stability – Is this just another “here today, gone tomorrow” opportunity?
  • Retention – can your teammates profit and gain advantages from their upline or downline and what will the effects be if they drop out?
  • Complaints – Does the company have a good reputation and do they follow thru with what they say they’re going to do.

I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at what I found in my Infinity Downline Review.

The tabs at the top of this page discuss product, advertising, stability, and retention. You’ll find all the info you need on those topics there, but you more than likely reached this post because you wanted to know about the company’s reputation and whether or Infinity Downline receives a lot of complaints… correct? So, let’s get into it.

Why Would Someone File a Complaint With Infinity Downline?

Infinity Downline StaffAs for getting your checks on time, the company not following thru on their behalf, or you not receiving any help with your business… I must say that these topics are not even up for discussion. I have been a member of Infinity Downline since August of 2009 and not once have I, or anyone on my team (and I have a very large team) ever needed to file a complaint for these reasons. You see, this is YOUR business and when people join you, you are instantly paid thru your payment processor. No money ever goes thru the company. Infinity Downline also has weekly training webinars every Wednesday to help you with your business, and they have a great support staff that is always willing to help thru their support suite.

So, what other reason would there be to file a complaint with Infinity Downline?

Infinity Downline is pretty straight forward in the sense that you have an opportunity to join a program for $25. However, when joining Infinity Downline, many people do not think about how they will market their Infinity Downline business until it’s too late. They jump in head first with the full intention of telling all their friends and family, and when not all of them join, they’re the first to file a complaint, and say that it’s not working for them. Here’s the thing… I’ve been around the industry a little while and I have come to an understanding that not everyone has an entrepreneurial mindset. To be blunt, many people are best suited for a (I always cringe when I say the word) J.O.B. (Just Over Broke : )

All too often, this leads to complaints with Infinity Downline… and for that matter – any home business.

The Simple Solution To Never Needing to File a Complaint with Infinity Downline:

Work The Business.

starting-an-Infinity Downline-home-businessYup, it really just comes down to taking action and applying proven Infinity Downline Training and Systems that are provided to you from your team leaders. You see, there are an endless # of people (especially in today’s economy) that are looking to start their own home business, and want to join a low cost opportunity. When you learn how to tap into THIS GROUP of people rather than the “Friends and Family” that more than likely don’t have that “entrepreneurial mindset” we were discussing, your potential is virtually limitless. It’s for this reason that I highly recommend that you do your research and team up with an active affiliate that knows what they are doing, and can teach you these skills with proven training. And once you master these skills, and learn to grow a limitless income with Infinity Downline (like I have), you’ll never have a reason for Infinity Downline Complaints.

If you are a serious “Entrepreneur” and would like to learn more about Infinity Downline, give me a ring or shoot me an email and I’ll be happy to go over your questions and make sure Infinity Downline, and our team is a right fit for you.

Yours In Mastery,

The Benefits of Working with Jon Mroz and Infinity downline directly

Infinity Downline

Jon Mroz

Infinity Downline Join

Leave your thoughts in the comment section below and let me know if this article on “Infinity Downline Complaints” helped answer your question.

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Infinity Downline

What You May Have Missed (I sure did)

infinity downline no hypeBefore I get started, let me say that I am not one for income claims and telling others that they can make a fortune online. The fact is… I don’t know your work ethic. And when it comes to earning money ANYWHERE… it comes down to YOU setting goals, and actually taking action to reach those goals. Only then will you see the fruits of your labor.

Infinity Downline Action Plan

With that being said, having an Infinity Downline action plan, or step by step blue print from those that have already reached their goals and continue to set new ones for massive growth in their businesses can be an essential ingredient to your success.

Infinity Downline Potential

infinity downline no limitYou see, with Infinity Downline, there is no top or bottom. You have the potential to earn an infinite amount more than your sponsor, or you can do nothing at all and therefore earn nothing. It really all comes down to your efforts and how you apply the proven Infinity Downline team training that I have in place for you. And when applied by Taking Action in Your business, there is literally No Limit to what you can accomplish.

Now the real question …

Can You Really Earn A Full Time Income With Infinity Downline (a simple No-Risk $25 Program)?

I hear it all the time and it’s actually quite funny. When I first started with Infinity Downline I thought to myself – what can $25 REALLY add up to? I mean – it’s $25! To be honest, I didn’t take Infinity Downline seriously my first month as I was just using it as a feeder program into a higher ticket item. But after putting in a little marketing effort I came to the realization that this little $25 program has some serious potential (Infinity Downline comp plan here). After making a simple video explaining the program and spreading the word, I was able to sign up 7 people my first day in business. OK, I thought… Not too bad. Let’s see if we can go a little further.

By my second month I had 92 people sponsored and my team started to skyrocket. Since then, I have personally sponsored several thousand reps and our team has grown into the multiple 5 figure mark.

A Shot From My Infinity Downline Back Office

…And this little measly $25 program has turned into $184,676.25 (See Below):

(And By The Time You Read This Post, These Numbers Could Have Potentially Doubled)


Infinity Downline Income Potential

Again, I don’t post these income shots to brag or make ridiculous claims. They are here to merely Open Your Eyes to the potential that you have with Infinity Downline… and this industry in general.
So, do you think that this $25 program has some potential for you? And, are you willing to take action to make a change and see similar, if not better results?

Only you can answer that question.

In Mastery,

The Benefits of Working with Jon Mroz and Infinity downline directly

Infinity Downline

Jon Mroz

Infinity Downline Join

PS – Leave Your Comments and Questions Below and let us know your thoughts on the Infinity Downline business.

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Infinity Downline Marketing System

A Complete Capture Page (squeeze page) System To Help You In Your Marketing Efforts

Until recently, creating and building capture pages was a frustrating task. To help our teammates get thru the process quickly, I created capture pages that were replicated literally enabling you to have a squeeze page online within minutes.

One big problem …

Infinity-downline-capture-pageThe team capture pages couldn’t be 100% customized with your own text, videos, or content. Now, don’t get me wrong, I have step-by-step video tutorials detailing exactly how to get your own customized capture pages online within my team training, but if you’re brand new and not the tech-savvy type like I was when first getting my start, this could be a frustrating task. So, to help the team, I created the replicated type of page… but, the downfall was customization. These pages were great and showed your prospects what they would be getting when they joined you on our team, however… many teammates wanted to add their own customizations to the pages. Unfortunately… that couldn’t be done.

That is, Until NOW!

The Ultimate Infinity Downline Capture Page System:

Click the expand option to watch full screen (lower right)

The Infinity Downline Team Capture Page Machine literally enables you to get your Customized capture page online within minutes, enabling you to Brand yourself and get your personalized offer out to your prospects. So, whether your promoting Infinity Downline, or you want to get your message out to local businesses about what you bring to the table… now you can.

You see, everyone needs to have their own USP (Unique Selling Proposition) and with replicated capture pages, you’ll have a hard time getting your personalized message across. Sure those type of pages are great when you’re first getting started but we, on this team, want you to be able to expand your business to the Next Level, and we want to make sure you have the tools to get it done quickly.

Thousands of dollars… Literally, thousands of dollars went into the creation of this Infinity Downline capture page machine and you’ll gain instant access to it the moment you get started… 100% FREE.

  • Simply Fill out the Infinity Downline capture page form as seen in the video above
  • Generate The Files
  • Upload the files to your host. (directions in the training)

Don’t have a hosting account? No problem, use our teams replicated capture pages until your ready to expand.

Yours In Mastery,

The Benefits of Working with Jon Mroz and Infinity downline directly

Infinity Downline

Jon Mroz

Infinity Downline Join

What are your thoughts? Leave your comments and questions below regarding the new Team Infinity Downline Capture Page Machine:


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Infinity Downline

What is The Best Way To Market Your Infinity Downline Business?

Infinity Downline MarketingWhen it comes to marketing your Infinity Downline business, the possibilities are virtually limitless.

Many teammates market their business offline using resources such as postcards, flyers, business cards, magnets (for their cars or to pass out and put on people’s fridges). Some move into voice / phone broadcasting, and Some even hold weekly meetings at local restaurants, hotels, or houses with great successes. For many though, including myself – this style of marketing, although it can be effective, is NOT my first choice (more on this later) .

Online Marketing is a newer style of advertising that many people, until recently have not taken advantage of. Where offline marketing can be effective, it usually comes with a cost. Marketing your Infinity Downline business using resources like facebook, blogs, articles, videos, and SEO can be completely free… and who doesn’t like free? Infinity Downline facebook

When you decide to expand your business, you can move into paid traffic generation methods such as PPC on facebook, yahoo and bing, and also media buys. What’s even better is that 98% of my income comes from free online traffic generation methods. PPC, and Media Buys are great and can bring you quick sales, but really getting out there and consistently creating some good ol’ fashion content is sure to bring you Free heavy traffic and sales.

So what traffic generation method is best suited for you, and how are YOU going to advertise your Infinity Downline Business?

This is a question that YOU must answer. YOU must choose which method is best for you. When I first got my start, I quickly realized that offline marketing was Not for me. Noting against it, it just wasn’t my style of marketing. I wanted to leverage my time and efforts using the power of the internet reaching literally thousands of people per day that are actually interested in what I am marketing rather than having to explain my business offline to friends and family that are potentially not interested.

If Internet Marketing sounds appealing to you, I have extensive training, resources, tools, and step-by-step video tutorials valued at nearly $20K available for my team to learn from and apply. I touch on almost all genres of Internet Marketing but it will be up to you to choose which one you would like to get started with. My suggestion though – whatever you choose, learn from my training and stick with a single marketing strategy for 6 weeks and master it. Once you’ve got it down and your bringing in sales, move on to the next.. and rock that one too!

To Your Unstoppable Success,

The Benefits of Working with Jon Mroz and Infinity downline directly

Infinity Downline

Jon Mroz 904.707.0474 Infinity Downline Join

To Learn more about the Infinity Downline Extreme team and what they can do for your Infinity business, be sure to check out the Infinity Downline Team Benefits and Bonuses page.

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Infinity Downline Vs Infinity 100

Infinity Downline Vs. Infinity 100What is the difference between Infinity Downline and Infinity 100, and what do they mean to you?

Upon joining infinity Downline you are offered the opportunity to upgrade to Infinity 100 in your back office. I often get the question as to what the program is about, and if it is a good idea to go ahead and join Infinity 100 at the same time of joining Infinity Downline.
In this review we’ll look at the differences between the 2 programs and when and if it is the right time to join. Many Infinity Downline users don’t realize that Infinity 100 is essentially the same program created by the same creator – Peter Wolfing. When you join Infinity Downline you actually create an account with Infinity 100 at the same time. However, you are not responsible for making any $100 payments, nor are you qualified to receive commissions at the $100 level until you upgrade.

So, what is Infinity 100?

Infinity 100 has the same compensation plan as Infinity Downline except you receive $100 commissions residually every month rather than the $25 from ID. However, the products within Infinity 100 ‘s back office are different and mainly focus on Gold, Silver and forex.

infinity 100 upgrade

You can get a complete Infinity 100 Review Here

When is it a good time to upgrade to Infinity 100? This really depends on your experience level. I have many leaders join the team and come in at both levels immediately. They seem to instantly sign up dozens to hundreds of people within a matter of weeks. If you are at this level and feel comfortable joining both programs at the same time, then this can be a profitable venture for you.

What if I am just getting my start in the industry?

Should I join both programs from the start?

My personal recommendation – If you are new to the industry and are not familiar with marketing, I recommend that you focus on 1 program at a time until you get a better understanding of how to advertise your business. I have complete step-by-step- tutorials available to the team for free that will walk you thru getting your business, up and running and fully automated on the Internet. Once you sign up your first 4 people, you will start to see that your downline will begin to ask you questions about Infinity 100 as well. When your dowinline starts to upgrade, I highly recommend that you upgrade at this time as well. Otherwise, you will miss out on these commissions, and it will be passed up to your sponsor. This actually happened to me when I first joined as well : ) You’ll also want to make sure to team up with a good team that has valuable tools, training and systems in place to help you market your business. Once you join Infinity Downline, you’ll be connected to that team for Inifnity 100 as well. So, choose your sponsor wisely.

Yours In Mastery,

The Benefits of Working with Jon Mroz and Infinity downline directly

Infinity Downline

Jon Mroz


Infinity Downline Join Infinity 100 Review

For any questions regarding Infinity Downline or Infinity 100 feel free to contact me personally and I’ll be happy to help.

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Infinity Downline Malaysia

…and Worldwide

infinity downline malaysiaI often get asked the question as to whether or not Infinity Downline is a worldwide company and if anyone can join from any country, for example – Malaysia. In this brief article we’ll cover the question above and the potential you have in marketing a worldwide company.

Can someone in Malaysia Join Infinity Downline?

Absolutely, yes. People from Malaysia can join Infinity Downline, and we have a very large Malaysian team within our group. Even better, anyone in any country can join Infinity Downline. You see, Infinity Downline is a worldwide company and because it’s products are hosted online, anyone in any country has instant access to the products the moment they become an active member. Personally, I have teammates in London, Berlin, Australia, South Africa, Italy, China, Japan, and for some odd reason … a HUGE team in Malaysia. When you combine all of our teammates and downline’s I am sure we have teammates spanning the entire globe.

It is for this reason that I created the Infinity Mastermind Community and Social Hub.

This social hub enables all of our teammates worldwide to connect and share additional marketing strategies when it comes to advertising their Infinity Downline Business.

Infinity Downline Malaysia and Worldwide Mastermind Community

Are there benefits to promoting a worldwide business rather than a local or national business?

Great question! I have been around the network-marketing arena for some time and I’ve tested my fair share of programs. Personally, I seem to always run into 1 major problem when marketing a national company – limitation. You see, with the power of the Internet, and the marketing resources that we (as marketers) now have at our disposal, it only makes sense to take full advantage of them and expand our businesses worldwide, not restricting us to one country, or region. It is for this reason, that I could not imagine ONLY marketing a business locally when you can expand worldwide. To get more information on Infinity Downline and learn more about the benefits of joining a global company, be sure to get a complete Infinity Downline Review and learn what our team brings to the table.

Yours In Mastery,

The Benefits of Working with Jon Mroz and Infinity downline directly

Infinity Downline Infinity Downline Join

Are you from Malaysia or outside of the United States and Interested In Joining Infinity Downline? Leave Your Comments and Questions below.

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Infinity Downline

A Review Of The 2 Up Compensation Plan

Infinity Downline Comp Plan

Although Infinity Downline has been around since March of 2009, the revolutionary compensation plan is still the talk of the industry.

Is the Infinity Downline 2 Up Compensation Plan Easy For Everyone To Understand?

I remember when I was first researching Infinity Downline. One of the biggest concerns I had was to fully understanding the compensation plan before I got started. And still to this day, it is probably one of the biggest concerns of people I talk to on a daily basis. You see, future teammates and business partners seem to understand that they need to pass up 2 people to their sponsor, but many fail to realize the power of this and what it means to them for the long-term.

Let’s Review The Infinity Downline 2-Up Comp Plan and Get a Better Understanding of It’s Potential.

The Infinity Downline Compensation Plan Video below was Produced by Infinity Downline. It covers the basics in a few brief minutes but many still have questions (just as I did when I was doing my research). For example:

Q: After I pass up #2 and #4, do I need to pass anyone else up?

A: No

Q: Is this some kind of pyramid scheme?infinity-downline-pyramid

A: Haha! I always get a kick out of this one. It’s hilarious to me that this question is even asked these days. However, I can completely understand some people’s skepticism when first getting started in this industry. And to clear this question up with out any question, you simply have to watch the “Infinity Downline Pyramid Scheme” educational video Here (Opens In New Tab). But to answer your question simply, No possible way. There is no top or bottom and there is no… “The People At The Top Make All The Money”. It doesn’t matter if you come in 10,000 levels deep, or 1 level from the owner, everyone has the same potential to make the same amount of income. Infinity Downline has a Real product, and it is proven to work… when you work it.

Q: What if my 1st person gets 2 people before I get my 2?

A: This is a great question. You must have your 4 people in order to receive pass-ups from your downline. I will say though, I have been with Infinity Downline since August of 2009 and have a very large team. I have only had 1 teammate get his 2 before their sponsor did. So, this is very rare. As long as you are working your business, you will almost always get your 2 before your downline does.

Q: Why is it in my best interest to pass up 2 people to my sponsor and how do I benefit from it? A: The best question out of them all :) OK, Let’s take a real close look at this one. Put simply, just as you have to pass up 2 people, so does your downline. Here’s where it gets really powerful. Let’s say you recruit 4 people and are now fully qualified for life. Awesome! Now, your downline (#1 and #3) are with you for life and they owe you 2 people. So, you just brought in 4 people and passed up 2 to your sponsor (#’s 2 and 4), but when your downline get’s their 4… well, they owe you 2 each for a total of 4 as well. So, even though you had to pass up 2 people, you now have 6 in your downline, each paying you $25 per month. Make sense? We’re just getting started :)

To View Charts, Spreadsheets, and Videos On The Infinity Downline 2 Up Comp Plan Click Here

Here’s the best part. The people that were passed up to you from your downline are now also with you for life, even though you could have never met them… ever! And now that they are part of your downline, when they bring in their 4, you get 2 from them as well. In essence, you can literally retire with 4 people in your downline. Now, obviously this is a perfect world scenario, because everyone on the team would have to do their part in getting 4. However, imagine getting 10 people or 20 people yourself. Do you think out of 20 people 2 or 3 of them know 4 people willing to invest $25 into their future, to grow their own business for the long term? I think you know the answer to this, although we wanted to ensure it.

My Exclusive Infinity Downline Team Training and Bonuses

You see, just hoping that your downline and teammates will succeed is simply not enough. You must be able to provide them with proper Infinity Downline training, resources, bonuses and tools to help them make the most out of their Infinity Downline business. “But how am I going to do that, Jon? I am just getting started in the industry my self as well?” It’s OK, I’ve been there and I know the pressure’s of needing to take care of a large downline. And this is where the power of the Infinity Masterminds Team Training and Resource Site comes into play. I spent months creating a proven system that literally walks our team thru the exact processes and action steps to developing a successful online business. It then comes down to simply applying it. Add to that, I left all of my personal branding off of the site so that you can pass this invaluable Infinity Downline training on to your team, almost as if you created it yourself. I did this to ensure that you (a teammate) had massive value to provide your teammates when they join you. It’s already created, waiting and ready for you and your team to take advantage of. To Learn More about the Infinity Downline Mastermind System and what it can do for you and your team visit:

Exclusive Infinity Downline Training and Bonuses

Yours In Mastery,

The Benefits of Working with Jon Mroz and Infinity downline directly

Infinity Downline

Jon Mroz 904.707.0474 Infinity Downline Join Did this article help you in understanding the power within the Infinity Downline 2-up Compensation plan and the importance of joining a team with proper training and resources? If so, be sure to share it with your friends on facebook and leave a comment below to let us know your thoughts on Infinity Downline.

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Infinity Downline

So, how has Infinity Downline done over the past few years? Since it’s release in March of 2009 a lot has happened. In this brief article, I’ll cover a few of the pros and cons, the questions many have asked, and what I predict for Inifnity Downline’s future.

How Many People Have Joined Infinity Downline!?

Yeah, I get this one a lot. As I am writing this post (March 1st, 2011) over 170,000 people have joined Infinity Downline. I know crazy, right? This alone will tell you that Inifnity Downline has a huge mass appeal but it also raises a few questions. I’ll cover the most commonly asked questions and answer them below in my Infinity Downline 2 Year Anniversary FAQ:

Is Infinity Downline Saturated?

Infinity DownlineThis is a great question. Many would look at a business opportunity with hundreds of thousands of reps like Amway, and although a great company, you have a lot of competition. The big difference with Infintiy Downline is that, in my opinion, it is by far the perfect opportunity for anyone just getting their start in network marketing. There is literally 0 risk, and the earning potential is limitless. Yeah, there’s a lot of reps but the competition is very minimal. In comparison to higher ticket programs, the conversion rate is simply astonishing. I usually see that for every 10 people looking at Infinity Downline, 1 will join. When it comes to other opportunities I have seen that these numbers are around 1 in 100. Not to mention the fact that to this day, I have still not found another company that offers 100% commissions paid direct to the member. So, is Inifnity Downline Saturated? Absolutely Not. There will ALWAYS be thousands of people daily entering into the market place looking for an opportunity like this. It now just comes down to getting your Inifnity Downline business in front of them. And how do you do that? The answer is right here my friend:

Infinity Downline Masterminds Training and Resource Site:

Infinity DownlineThis also brings up another question I get a lot. “Can a newbie succeed with Infinity Downline”? I realize that many people getting their start in this industry will seek out an opportunity with minimal risk like Infinity Downline. And as a trainer in Network Marketing and Internet Marketing, I feel that it is my duty to get these people started in the absolute best way imaginable. All too often people jump into a program and are lost a sea. They get overwhelmed with too much useless information and then the inevitable happens … the quit on themselves. There goes all their dreams. It’s a darn shame, I’ll tell ya! I’ll be the first to tell you that there is absolutely effort required, there is work to be done, and if you don’t apply yourself … You are going to fail! There’s no if’s, and’s, or but’s about it. However, when you study the proven marketing techniques that I have in place for you as a member of the team and you APPLY what you learn, there is literally no limit to what you can accomplish in this industry. So, can a newbie succeed? ANYONE can succeed in this industry. It just comes down to your effort level and what you put into it. I am a perfect example of this. I went from $7,000 in debt, to now earning a hefty 6 figure income. I don’t say this to brag or make ridiculous claims. I say this to let you know that anything is possible when you put your mind to it. The big difference is that now you have the training and step by step action plan in place for you. You have a roadmap to follow, a guideline that walks you thru every process and you can literally start applying this nearly $20,000.00 education for less than the cost of a pizza. There is no better way for a newbie to get started in this industry.

Where Do You See Infinity Downline In The Next 5 To 10 Years?

I’ve thought long and hard about this question. You see, many people will jump from program to program thinking that the program is the problem. With a few exceptions, the fact is, it’s usually THEM that is the problem. If it doesn’t work for you in one program, you either joined a program that no one has any interest in, the program has gone under, or You never marketed the program correctly to begin with. Infinity Downline obviously has HUGE Mass Appeal. With over 170,000 members in 2 years, this program is only going to get bigger. There are 4 stages that a Network Marketing Company goes thru:

  • Formulation
  • Concentration
  • Momentum
  • Stability

Infinity Downline is currently in it’s Concentration stage. This is when sales start to take a massive leap for their representatives. It is also the perfect place for those who are contemplating joining, join now. As we start to get into our Momentum phase, those who are positioned in the company will benefit the most. During Momentum, sales literally explode and those who were established at the onset of “momentum” can make fortunes. Although I can never guarantee the success or failure of any company, after speaking with Infinity Downline owner and how well he handles his business, I see this company experiencing massive growth and look forward to riding the wave with my teammates for decades to come. For more information on how you can pick up nearly $20,000.00 in free Infinity Downline bonuses, training and systems, visit the Infinity Downline Bonus page.

To Your Unlimited Success,

The Benefits of Working with Jon Mroz and Infinity downline directly

Infinity Downline

Jon Mroz 904.707.0474 Infinity Downline Join

Did this article help clear up a few question you may have been having regarding Infinity Downline? If so, be sure to “Share” it with your friends on facebook above, and leave a comment below. You can also visit the Official Infinity Downline Site By Clicking The Button Above.

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Daily Digital Club Review

So, what is Daily Digital Club ( – DDC) and, what is all the hype about?

In this brief article I’ll cover the release of Peter Wolfing’s (Infinity Downline Creator) new creation and what it means to the Internet world. We’ll cut thru all the hype and get into the facts by exploring this opportunity to get a complete Daily Digital Club Review.

Daily Digital Club Review

Recently there’s been an influx of opportunities popping up on the net created by first time program creators. Now, don’t get me wrong… I think that’s awesome for these guys and I commend them for their hard work. However, I am very careful to put my name on anything that may be cut short or go under in a few months. And all too often this is exactly what happens in the network marketing industry. Daily Digital Club is backed by a 12 year debt free Internet giant. To put it simply, what these guys create … WORKS. And I’ll put my name on that.

As a member of Infinity Downline since August of 2009, I can testify that because of their systems (and a little bit of effort on my end), many of my teammates and I have been able to create multiple 6 figure incomes. With over 170,000 members in Infinity Downline, I don’t see this business going anywhere anytime soon. But what does all this equate to when we’re talking about the future of Daily Digital Club?

Will daily digital club see the same results as Infinity Downline? Will Daily Digital Club See The Same Successes Infinity Downline Has?

At the time that I am writing this article, I honestly can’t say if it will or not. However, looking at the track record Daily Digital Club’s creators have, I believe that it has the potential to be as big, if not bigger. Now, that’s a pretty hefty claim. So, why do I think Daily Digital Club has the potential to be as big if not bigger than Inifnity Downline?

Let’s Look at What Daily Digital Club Offers

Daily Digital Club offers 9 different membership levels. Many could look at this and see both the pros and the cons of this, just as I did. With Infinity Downline, you have 1 level to join at – $25. Personally, I like this. I love simplicity and to be honest, If you can’t afford $25 you shouldn’t be looking into joining a home based business to begin with. Daily Digital Club differs in that it gives you and your prospects the ability to start for as low as $2 and expand your business all the way to the $1,000.00 level (this is where the big-dogs play). Daily Digital Club’s products are also second to none and they teach the most important aspects of what you’ll need to know when it comes to running your own online Internet business. Get a complete review of all the Daily Digital Club products below:

Daily Digital Club Products

Daily Digital Club Compensation Plan

Daily Digital Club Comp PlanMuch like Infinity Downline, Daily Digital Club has the exact same compensation plan when it comes to the 2-up system. The only difference with Daily Digital Club is that you have 9 different levels to choose from. You still receive 100% commissions which is extremely powerful. However, you now have the ability to make those big pay days at the $500 or even $1,000 level as you progress in your business. Just imagine having 50 people on your team all paying YOU $500 every 30 days. That alone equates to $25,000.00 monthly, and these numbers are not out of reach. The one part of the compensation plan that differs is that there is a $5 admin fee on every level except the $2 level. But this comes with a HUGE benefit. Where admin support on programs with no admin fee is hard to come by, you can expect Excellent support from Daily Digital Club’s PAID staff of employees. To get a better understanding of the Daily Digital Club Compensation Plan simply visit the link below:

Daily Digital Club Compensation (Comp) Plan

Is Daily Digital Club For YOU?

There’s only 1 person that can decide if Daily Digital Club is for you or not… and that person is YOU. I can go on forever about the benefits of owning your own online business to profit from for the long-term, and If you’re already a member of Inifnity Downline and have been thru my Exclusive Team Training, Systems, Bonuses, and Resources and applied them, you know the power within and the potential you have when it comes to running your own online business. And therefor, becoming a member of Daily Digital Club is probably a much easier decision.

On the other hand, you could be brand new to this industry OR maybe your looking for an additional income stream, or possibly a feeder program into the program your currently working.

Personally, I saw the power within Daily Digital Club and as an Entrepreneur at heart, I don’t let opportunities pass me by.

I make educated decisions and then take massive action to create huge results for my business and teammates.

As I write this article, we are currently in pre-launch for Daily Digital Club, and we expect to see tremendous growth in the coming weeks and months. The timing couldn’t be better to get in early and ride the wave of the pre-launch buzz.

Daily Digital Club Team Bonuses

Daily Digital Club Exclusive Team Bonus and Benefits

If you know me, you know that I am not one leave my teammates empty handed and wondering what they heck happened after they joined my team : ) As the creator of the Infinity Mastermind Group and the co-creator of the Infinity Cash Formula, we bring a lot to the table. So, I wanted to work out a special deal for my current teammates, and future teammates alike, as we conjure up some extreme Daily Digital Club Systems, Capture Pages, Resources, Bonuses and just all around Phenomenal Training that can Make You Tons of Money with Daily Digital Club.

Daily Digital Club Bonus

Current Infinity Downline Members On The Team:

If you are a current Infinity Downline member on the team interested in adding Daily Digital Club as an additional income stream, you can simply join at the link below and I will comp your Infinity Downline membership for the length of the level at which you join DDC.

Example: If you join Daily Digital Club at the $100 level, I’m going to pay for your Infinity Downline membership for 4 months! ($25 [Infinity Downline] x 4 = $100 [DDC]). That should give you PLENTY of time to get your recruits into DDC and bring in that extra income stream you were looking for.

You’ll also have access to the all the systems, training, bonuses, resources, and capture pages that are being built for our Daily Digital Club teammates when they are complete.

Note: We are not accepting any new DDC members below the $20 level.

Daily Digital Club Bonus

New Daily Digital Club Members:

If you have been contemplating joining Infinity Downline or Daily Digital Club, now’s the time. When you join Daily Digital Club at the $20 level or above you’ll gain:

Access to Infinity Downline 100% free. In other words, I’ll be paying your way into Infinity Downline for the length of the level at which you join Daily Digital Club. If you join DDC at the $100 level, you’ll get 4 months of Infinity Downline on me.

You’ll also gain access to my teams Exclusive:

  • Team TrainingDaily Digital Club and Infinity Downline Free
  • Mastermind Community
  • Infinty Cash Formula
  • Infinity Capture Page Systems
  • Step-By-Step Video Tutorials Detailing How To Create Massive Success Online

In other words, everything seen here:

Infinity Downline Team Benefits and Bonuses

You’ll also have access to the all the systems, training, bonuses, resources, and capture pages that are being built for our Daily Digital Club teammates when they are complete.

Note: We are not accepting any new DDC members below the $20 level.

This is a limited Daily Digital Club Offer

Daily Digital Club Warning - Limited OfferThe offer to get both Infinity Downline and Daily Digital Club for the price of 1 is limited to those who join while our team systems are being created. Once they are complete, there will be a separate cost to join both systems.

As you know, it takes training, systems, and the Right Team to help you on your path to success in Network Marketing. What we bring to the table has been proven to work time and time again when applied. You now have the opportunity to join 2 systems for the price of 1 while picking up thousands in bonuses.

Once you join, you’ll receive an email from me welcoming you to the team with a registration link to gain access to all of our exclusive bonuses, training and systems. You’ll also receivean external link that will get you into Infinity Downline 100% free.

Daily Digital Club: Contact Me…

Jon Mroz

Daily Digital Club - Contact Jon Mroz

Let’s make 1 thing very clear… I WILL NOT PUSH YOU OR PRESSURE YOU with some lame sales pitch to get you to sign up with Infinity Downline and/or our Daily Digital Club Team. You and I must both confidently agree that you would be a positive addition. When people get pressured into something, it only creates future headaches and people who whine, complain and quit anyway. I only answer your questions honestly and I may say things you don’t want to hear like: “John (or Jane), THIS MAY NOT BE FOR YOU….” Everyone says they just want to deal with someone honest and upfront. THAT’S ME. So don’t worry. You can call me and ask your questions and you’ll get straightforward answers. Remember, we’re looking for BUSINESS PARTNERS… NOT EMPLOYEES. If that’s you, I look forward to working with you and growing our businesses together for many decades to come.


Daily Digital Club Yours In Complete Success,



Jon Mroz 904.707.0474

Daily Digital Club

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The Benefits of Working With Jon Mroz Directly

The Benefits of Working with Jon Mroz and Infinity downline directlyFirst off, let me say that I have been in this industry for quite some time now. I know what it was like when I was first getting my start. I know the struggles that came along with NOT Having the proper training and systems in place to really get into the thick of it, and just flat out market. I struggled for months on end trying to put all the pieces of the puzzle together, and I promised myself that once I figured it out, I was going to create a system and training platform that would literally cut those months of learning and struggle down to weeks, if not days for my teammates.

Well, after nearly $20K spent, and months on end hard at work, I can honestly say, as the Creator of the “Infinity Masterminds Training and Resource Sites“, and The Co-Creator of “The Infinity Cash Formula System” that this goal has finally been accomplished… and, it has been proven to work.

How can I say that?

Simple. If you’ve done your research on Infinity Downline, you’ve more than likely come across dozens of my teammates that are successfully promoting my training and resource sites. Many of these people are teammates that went from nothing, to 5 figures in a matter of months.

Now, I’m not talking about the program jumpers that get in for a matter of days looking for that magic pill hoping that they will instantly find riches… ha! :) I’ll be the first to tell you … it’s just not going to happen without commitment and effort. However, if you are someone that understands that effort is required, and you have made the decision that you will stop at nothing to accomplish your goals….

YOU Are Someone That I Want To Work With.

Partnering with Jon MrozI’m am very up-front in that I have 0 tolerance for whiners, complainers, and people that expect everything to be done for them. However, I’m your best friend, and most valuable asset when I see that you know how to help yourself, take responsibility for your own actions and or inactions, and apply what has been proven to work.

With that being said, I always like reward leadership behavior by providing my personal teammates with NOT ONLY everything seen on the Team Benefits, Training and Resource Page, but also the additional Bonuses Below.

NOTE: Weather you join me, or anyone in My Downline, you’ll be able to pick up the Exclusive Team Training, Resources, Systems, and Bonuses I created for the team as seen on the page below:

Exclusive Team Benefits + Infinity Cash Formula System

Heck, weather you join Infinity Downline thru me or not, I just want you to join. I feel that this opportunity is literally a no brainer as it is the only company that offers 100% commissions, and it’s perfect for the new, or veteran marketer alike.

Simply put, I feel very strongly about Infinity Downline because I know firsthand the potential you have when you apply some effort and work the program.

However, to help “persuade” you to join with me personally, I thought I’d sweeten the pot a bit : )

In addition to everything you’ll receive as seen above, you’ll also pick up the Additional Exclusive Bonuses below, when you join with me directly.

Infinity Downline Exclusive Jon Mroz Bonus

Exclusive Bonus #1:

The Online Marketers Guide To Traffic and Conversion

The moment that you get started I am going to take you by the hand and literally walk you thru EVERY aspect of my business. You’ll watch my computer screen as I take you thru step by step video tutorials, explaining in extreme detail the exact action steps that I, and many other industry leaders have taken to create a multiple 6 figure yearly business.

Real Value of $997

Exclusive Bonus #2:

Website and Blog Creation in Minutes:

Throughout my exclusive training course you’ll learn the wordpress blogging system and how to quickly and easily get your own personalized websites online (similar to the one your viewing now). This is literally invaluable knowledge, and once you’ve mastered it, you’ll be able to use this skill in any opportunity you decide to market: online, offline, or traditional, for a lifetime to come. By gaining this knowledge you’ll also be increasing your value in the market place, which will enable you to attract a never ending stream of prospects and teammates.

Real Value of $497

Note: I have had teammates call me to let me know that they are now using this skill to make an extra $2,000.00 per month creating websites for local businesses.

Exclusive Bonus #3:

The Online Sales Process Explained

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to create effective sales funnels, how and where to drive your traffic, and finally how to convert that traffic into sales. This is seriously priceless information that you could pay over $397 for.

Exclusive Bonus #4:

Exclusive Bonus Audio Training from the renowned Traffic and Conversion Summit.

Infinity 100 Bonus - Facebook Advertising

Facebook Advertising Secrets Audio

Facebook has become the ‘new frontier’ of online marketing. Learn what no one else does about this new source for the most targeted leads you can find!

Real Value of $197.00

Exclusive Bonus #5:

Infinity 100 Bonus Cheap Traffic

Crazy Cheap Traffic Methods Audio

Traffic is the lifeblood of your online business, and in this module we show you how to get a steady flow at dirt cheap prices.

Real Value of $197.00

Exclusive Bonus #6:

Infinity 100 Bonus - Offers That Crush

Insane Offers Audio

This module will give you ‘easy to apply’ strategies that will enable you to make offers that no one will refuse.

Real Value of $197.00

Exclusive Bonus #7:

Infinity 100 bonus Psychic Sales Design

Mind Reading Sales Design Audio

Check out this module to get our sneaky little design secrets ALWAYS increase our conversions.

Real Value of $197.00

Exclusive Bonus #8:

Infinity 100 Bonus - List Building Secrets

List Building Secrets Audios

This module will teach you how to add thousand of targeted Opt-ins to your list without blowing your traffic budget or giving away the farm.

Real Value of $197.00

Exclusive Bonus #9:

The Exit Pop Script – I’m sure you’ve seen those neat little windows that pop up on capture pages when you’re just about to leave a site. Well, this is the script that will allow you to implement this into your marketing to increase Your conversions by 27%. Real Value of $49.97

Exclusive Bonus #10:

The Auto Countdown Script – This script generates a countdown on your webpage. Great for Launches or special limited sales/offers you have for your clients. Real Value of $19.97 When you add all this up you get an incredible bonus package of $2,945.94. And that’s in addition to $17,389.00 seen on the Team Benefits Page, for a total of $20,334.94 That’s over 813 x the cost of joining Infinity Downline. So, I guess it’s only fair that I answer the question that I get asked most often: “Why Jon? Why would you give away so much for a measly $25 program”? When I got my start in this industry, I joined a $997 program, my sponsor disappeared on me, and I had no where to turn. And after months of struggle, pain, and downright humiliation, I finally cracked the code. And now that I’ve done so, I feel that it is important for people who join me get started in a program with literally zero risk. This will enable you to learn the proper way to market your business, with proven training, right from the start. In turn, creating a long-term, lasting business relationship that we can expand upon together in the future. I also live my life by one simple principle:

“You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want.”

Zig Ziglar The opportunity that lies in front of you could seriously be LIFE CHANGING. For me personally, it has been. Sure, it came with effort and consistent action. But I can honestly say without a doubt in my mind that what I have learned along the way, I will use in every aspect of every business I will ever be a part of for the rest of my life. YOU now have the opportunity to pick up this knowledge for the less than the cost of a night out for pizza. It’s time to start prioritizing my friend : ) Simply click the link below and you’ll be on your way to joining the fastest growing, most helpful team with Infinity Downline.

Infinity Downline Join

Yours in Mastery,

Jon Mroz Web


Jon Mroz


Infinity Downline Join

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